Key Topics

Model evaluation and quality assurance – model validation, model intercomparisons, model uncertainties and model sensitivities.


Environmental impact assessment: Air pollution management and decision support systems.


Use of modelling in support of EU air quality directives, including FAIRMODE activities.


Parametrization of physical processes in mesoscale meteorology relevant for air quality modelling.


Urban scale and street canyon modelling: Meteorology and air quality.


Use of modelling in health and exposure assessments.


Inverse dispersion modelling and source identification.


Modelling air dispersion and exposure to accidental releases.


Modelling of passive control systems (PCS) including nature-based solutions in dispersion studies.


Mathematical problems in air quality modelling.


Highlights of past work. Session devoted to reviews and to prominent scientists and ‘golden papers’ of the past, which have still relevance and should not be forgotten.


Special session:Reducing uncertainties in emergency modelling and decision-making, including the CONFIDENCE project.


Special session: Model evaluation and comparison: Jack Rabbit II case study